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Report complaints

Report complaints

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I. Range of Tip-offs and Complaints

If the employees of Grandland are found to have any of the following behavior during your business cooperation with Grandland Decoration, please contact the internal control center promptly. 

1. Negligence of duty, malfeasance, malpractice and abuse of power.

2. Economic corruption, e.g., deliberate creation of obstacles and extortion to concerned party, solicitation and receipt of bribes, receipt of rebate/ commission/gifts, etc.

3. Economic malpractices, e.g., misappropriation, embezzlement, arbitrage, interception, theft and corruption, etc.

4. Other behavior with prejudice to the benefits of cooperation or for personal gains.


II. Management of Tip-offs and Complaints

1. Principle of Priority Acceptance: the tip-offs and complaints submitted by the real-name users, the aliases users with the provision of evidence and the aliases users keeping smooth contact with us will be accepted preferentially.

2. Principle of Awards and Accountability: the valid tip-offs and complaints will be awarded in accordance with related rules and regulations; the malicious tip-offs and complaints will be accused of accountability in accordance with related rules and regulations.

3. Principle of Confidentiality Protection: the basic information of the complainants who have submitted valid tip-offs will be kept strictly confidential and the related interests of the complainants who have submitted valid tip-offs will be protected by laws; any retaliation against the complainants who have submitted valid tip-offs will be investigated and punished seriously.


III. Ways to Report and Complain

Tel: 0755-22190595 /18320922886/13502819131


QQ: 2637360631

WeChat: 18320922886/GTNKZX

Addressed to: Monitoring Office of Internal Control Center, Shenzhen Grandland Decoration Corporation, 3/F, No. 1003 North Yanhe Road, Luohu District, 518003, Shenzhen


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