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In the age of the Internet, Grandland Decoration actively embraces "Internet +", enhances its strength in science and technology study, expands and builds the Internet fine decoration platform, 3D printers and online platform, auxiliary platform of O2O community service, Internet home financing platform, super integrated space, virtual model apartments and experience shop, wearable project control platform and other platform services, and engages in the application and R&D of robots, software development, system integration, technical consulting services and other high-end intelligent business. Based on the practicable exploration of the Internet and intelligent hardware, Grandland Decoration has obtained 229 national patents in total and participated in the compilation of more than 80 national and industrial standards. Moreover, Grandland Decoration has managed to transform its patented technology into practical engineering technology to meet clients' personalized requirements and won over 300 national awards for its innovative achievements and science & technology exemplary projects as well as over 10 Luban Prizes for its projects.



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