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Intelligent Home Decoration

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As the first decoration enterprise setting foot in smart home industry, Grandland Decoration strives to improve human living environment and provide its clients with safe, convenient, energy-saving and stylish smart home products and services so as to achieve smart family and smart community. Over the years, Grandland Decoration has accumulated the most decoration users around the country through its great efforts in residential fine decoration and all these users will become the immense resources for the development of our smart home business.

After being listed in 2010, Grandland started fostering smart home industry. In 2011, with its "Smart Home Booth", Grandland made its debut at the 7th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair. In 2014, the Smart Home Booth became the highlight at Grandland venue of the 10th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair.




"TURINGCAT" Smart Home System


In September 2014, "TURINGCAT" project team was formally organized by Shenzhen Grandland Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to focus on the R&D and manufacture of professional smart home products. The project has gathered the co-founders and core teams from BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) and other Internet giants.

With the experience-oriented Internet thinking and the state-of-the-art Mobile Internet and cloud service technologies, the smart company has made full use of the superior resources accumulated by Grandland from its residential fine decoration business over the years as well as its industry-leading experience in designing hardware, software and process for the dedicated creation of "TURINGCAT" smart home series products, so as to provide the family with a complete intelligent solution and actually realize the return to experience on people-oriented technology. By the perfect integration of technology with humanity, the residential concept -- "the house is kept in sight when you are away from home; the world is kept in sight when you are at home" -- is achieved and considerate smart home service are offered to the users.

"TURINGCAT" provides the users with rewarding experience on intelligence, entertainment, compatibility, convenience and security.

  Magnificent upgrade of the used household appliances for the initiation of a new smart life                   

   Integration of home entertainment and intelligent movie-watching room for the supreme high-quality audio and video experience

  High compatibility for diversified smart home experience     

   Easy to handle for convenient and quality life Remote synchronization for the real-time control of home security

  Remote synchronization for the real-time control of home security

 In 2015, the "TURINGCAT Smart Products Promotion Meeting" held at Grandland venue of the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair has introduced Grandland Smart Home to the public. On Sep 1, 2015, Grandland's TURINGCAT smart products were launched to the world at Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House.



Invest in an Intelligent Lock Company and Build the Smart Home Industrial Chain


In June 2015, the Company and its senior executives and management have jointly invested RMB 30 million in the capital and share increase of Shanghai Udis Digital Identification System Co., Ltd., making up 30% of Udis' total shares, where Grandland Decoration has contributed RMB 23.9 million, accounting for 23.9%. Face recognition lock is the main products sold by Udis. Featuring non-contact operation (the user's face image can be obtained without the direct contact with the equipment) and optional choice (it is unnecessary for the user to specially coordinate with the face capture device), face recognition becomes one of the eye-catching technologies. As it is shown by relevant statistics, the global market of face recognition is valued at around USB 1 billion, the growth rate of the civil market of entrance and attendance control is estimated to be kept at approximately 25%, and with the improved penetration rate of face recognition technology to such sectors as video surveillance and financial payment, etc., the markets of public security and financial payment will enjoy the rapid development at the growth rate of 90% or above.  


MoMo Lock, another high-end intelligent electronic lock of Udis, has been officially distributed in July 2015. With three-year research and development as well as the pass in several rigorous tests and quality certification, this intelligent electronic lock is the first intelligent electronic door lock that can be unlocked with just one touch in comparison with all the intelligent locks sold on the present market. As longs as the user carries a UKEY (whether it is put in the pocket or bag), the identity verification can be completed and the door lock will be unlocked automatically with the user's touch on the handle of the door lock. No further actions such as press of fingerprint and production of key, mobile phone or access card are required and the extreme simple mode of opening the door "with just one touch" is realized indeed. In the future, the application of MoMo Lock will extend to the barrier-free accessibility system of the community with a broader market prospect.


Relying on its years of design experience in highly-secure access control for special trades and its intelligent lock employing many highly-secure technologies applied to ammunition depot and vault, which is the intelligent hardware product with high integration of intelligence and security assurance, Udis enables more families to enjoy smart life as well as secured and guaranteed experience.



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