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Grandland Decoration is the architectural decoration enterprise with the most complete categories of qualifications and the highest level of service in the industry, ranking the first in South China. Relying on the integration of professional resources and its core strengths in interior decoration and construction, Grandland Decoration gives an impulse to relevant sectors such as curtain walls, gardens, landscape, intelligence, mechatronics, fire control, layout, air-conditioning and water heating, etc. to provide clients with the real "one-stop general contract" of architectural decoration.


Interior Decoration

As the enterprise with the qualifications of professional contract of architectural decoration and construction, Grade I as well as design of special architectural decoration projects, Grade A, Grandland Decoration is qualified to undertake the design and construction of interior decoration projects for all kinds of large buildings.


Curtain Walls

As the enterprise with the qualifications of professional contract of architectural curtain wall projects, Grade I as well as design of special architectural curtain wall projects, Grade A, Grandland Decoration has acquired ShenZhen GrandLand FangTe Facade Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as ShenZhen FangDa Special Structure Company) in 2013 to further enhance its strength in the sector of curtain walls. With the integration of R&D, design, manufacture and construction, Grandland Facade has become the most competitive supplier of overall solution for architectural doors, windows and curtain walls in China.



With the qualification of design and construction of architectural intelligent projects, Grade I, Grandland Decoration is one of the first enterprises taking up smart home business. The Smart Home Experience Booth shown at Grandland venue during China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair 2013 has received unanimous favorable comments of the government, clients and all walks of life.



As the enterprise with the qualification of professional contract of electromechanical equipment installation projects, Grade I, Grandland Decoration is qualified to undertake the construction of various electromechanical equipment installation projects and has maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with several large-scale industrial groups such as Huawei and Nypro. 



In terms of urban landscaping, Grandland processes the qualification of urban landscaping, Grade I. In 2013, Grandland has acquired the leading enterprise in the landscaping industry with the history of over 20 years -- Shenzhen Xinhuafeng Environment Development Co., Ltd. and perfected the grand blueprint of Grandland Decoration as a world-class integrated service provider of green architectural decoration.



As the main soft decoration brand promoted by Grandland and the provider of complete soft decoration solutions, TOPART focuses on the world-class high-end soft decoration design. Relying on an international team skilled in space design and soft decoration as well as its unique artistic prospective, TOPART persists in the classic technique combining personality with perfectness, finely crafts and hands down the works of world art to life, and defines the top-level life.  


Grandland is competitive in such sectors as star hotels, commercial complex, large stadiums, fine decoration for dwelling houses, high-class office buildings/clubs, curtain wall projects, rail transport and smart works, etc.



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