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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

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Shenzhen Grandland Decoration Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Grandland Decoration") undertakes to protect clients' privacy, especially the privacy of the clients who have visited and used our website.

This policy does not apply to the information relating to our products and applied software gathered by us, which shall be governed by the privacy policy for our products, which shall be referred to the Product Privacy Policy. Moreover, this policy does not apply to the companies that are not owned or controlled by us or any personal conduct of the people that are not employed or managed by us.

What information have we gathered from You?

The information that our website gathers from its visitors includes the visitors' personal identification information and impersonal identification information. The purpose of gathering the aforesaid information is to provide you with more efficient service during your use of our website.

Personal identification information refers to the particular information that can verify your identity. You are required to provide personal identification information when ordering products or services, registering products, filling out questionnaires, creating user account in WD community or contacting us. Such information includes your name, mailing address, phone number or e-mail address. Credit card number, Card Verification Value (also known as CVV) and related validity period should be also included in case of creation of RMAs, purchase of extended warranty or acquisition of products through WD's Customer Loyalty Program. In the course of processing the order, we will submit the complete information relating to your credit card in an encrypted form to the credit card company for payment. If you purchase the products through WD online shop, please be noted that the privacy policy of the online shop may be different from the privacy policy stipulated herein.

Impersonal identification information refers to the particular information that cannot verify your identity by itself. Such information will be gathered when you visit our website each time. We will compile and analyze such information by individual and entirety, including but not limited to the Uniform Resource Locators ("URLs") of the websites immediately before and after your visit to our website and the browser, platform type, Internet service provider, Internet Protocol ("IP") address and datestamp/timestamp that you have just used, and we will also analyze the trend, manage the website, follow up users' overall activities and collect broad demographic information by counting the clicks for general purpose. We can gather such anonymous information without your registration with our website. URL is the global address for the documents and other resources on World Wide Web. IP address is the network system assigned to a computer or device through Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ("TCP/IP"), e.g., identification code on World Wide Web.

The information generated on the basis of the destination IP address is routed through TCP/IP by the network system. In other words, the IP address is the numerical label automatically assigned to you when you browse the website for the network server to confirm and identify your computer. IP address is necessary for a computer to enable the user to communicate and shop on the Internet and browse the website.

This website may contain "cookie". Cookie is the fragmentary electronic information generated from the web server and stored in the hard disk when you browse any website. Cookie is often used to distinguish users, save users' preference and follow up the overall trend of users. We may use the cookie to improve the quality of our website for our better understanding of the interaction between the users and the website and we will not use the cookie to search your personal identification information stored in your computer unless you provide such information intentionally and willingly. You may reset the security settings of your web browser to reject all cookies or require a warning when a cookie is sent. However, if cookies are disabled in the Web browser, some functions of the website may not run normally. 

 How will we use the information gathered from You?

The main purpose of collecting the information from our clients and other visitors of our website is to provide our clients and visitors with remarkable personalized online experience. We will make use of clients' contact information to offer faster and more efficient warranty, contact the former buyers to inform them of the status of their online orders or return of goods and send them the emails to promote the products or services that may interest them, and contact the users for the use of user accounts and WD community.

We may also conduct statistical analysis of general clients. For instance, we may try to figure out which web page of our website attracts the most visitors, or how long have the visitors spent browsing these web pages when they visit the website. With such information, we can improve the contents of our website to enhance your experience on website browse, customize the contents and/or layout of the web page, provide individual client with tailored service, offer professional advice or related advertisement and/or recommendations to you trough our website or a third-party website in compliance with any requirement of laws, and use for our internal purpose. With regard to the third-party websites that can be linked to our website, we may, from time to time, provide their owners or operators with the information relating to the number of users who have jumped to our website from their websites. You will not be identified by such information.   

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