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Established in 1995, Shenzhen Grandland Group Co., Ltd. (“Grandland Group”) (Stock Code: 002482) is a large-scale listed company which integrates building decoration design and construction, R&D and production of green construction materials. Its business covers interior decoration, curtain wall, rail transit, cultural tourism, gardening, intelligence, electromechanical system, new materials, soft decoration and civil engineering. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a national contract-observing and credit-valuing enterprise. It has been appraised as a contract-observing and credit-valuing enterprise in Guangdong Province for 24 consecutive years. Grandland Group has obtained more than ten first-class and class-A qualifications of professional contracting for building decoration and decoration engineering. It can provide customers with integrated services inbuilding decoration, construction and design. It ranks the second among the top 100 enterprises in the construction and decoration industry.

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Adhering to the development concept of “green, low-carbon, culture and technology”, Grandland Group takes “to become an international green building comprehensive integration service provider” as its vision andsticks to the platform strategy of “decoration engineering, smart home and financial service”. In decoration engineering, it takes decoration as its main industry, continues to optimize the large decoration platforms from civil engineering, building material research and development, decoration design,construction to purchase supply and builds the whole industry chain services. In smart home, it focuses on smart home solutions and smart engineering construction. In financial service, it carries out industrial finance based on the company’s supply chain and realizes the coordinated development of industry and finance.

Grandland Group bases on technical innovation and creative design,actively promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and devotes itself to the improvement of human settlement.In technical innovation, Grandland Group has continuously promoted the technical upgrading of the decoration industry and possessed 6 national high-tech enterprises, 267 national patents, 203 technical innovation achievements in the building decoration industryand 167 “technicaldemonstration project awards” in the national building decoration industry. It has participated in compiling 160 national, industry and group standards, and its technical R&D capability is at the leading level in the industry. In 2019, it released “GT assembling” product forsmart new settlement. It realizes constructionstandardization, installationassembling, pollution controlling, information integration and use intelligence for different scenarios such as home, apartments, hotels and modular residences by integrating assembling technology system, green environmental protection space system, smart home system and BIM application system.

In creative design, Grandland Design Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grandland Group, has now possessed more than 2,000 designers, including international creative design center, domestic design experts, senior consultant team, eight integrated branches, rail transit branch, curtain wall branch andelectromechanical institution. Its business scope covers building planning and design, electromechanical design, curtain wall design, garden design, interior decoration design, lighting design, intelligent design and soft decoration design. It has successfully cooperated with many world-known design institutions such as WATG, ABC, HASSELL and HID to create many internationally renowned five-star brand hotels and landmark projects. Its designers and design works have won numerous awards.

After developing for more than 20 years, Grandland Group has made outstanding achievements in customer resources, brand reputation, talent accumulation and capital strength. In the future, Grandland Group will continue to stick to its original intention of “decorating the world devotedly”, keep its originality to work together, seekhappiness for employees, seek payback for shareholders, seek development for customers, shoulder social responsibilities and comprehensively promoteGrandland to a new career level.



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